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The Next Generation of Senior-Inclusive Developments on the North Gulf Coast [eBook]

header-picture The baby boomer generation has moved through the American population like a giant wave moving through the ocean. They moved through the school system, through the work force and now they are beginning to move through the senior housing market as well.  How will this affect you, as a developer?Between now and 2025, this large segment of the population is going to dominate the senior development industry. 

How will design, technology and fresh approaches to healthcare, mobility, housing and other essential topics alter the current senior development landscape on the North Gulf Coast?

The challenge is how to attract a new clientele that is much different from the current senior population and has a completely different perspective on lifestyle requirements for retirement living from that of their predecessors.

The new retirees have expectations, and delivering, or even surpassing, these expectations means that you can leverage high-performance design into development opportunities.

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In order to shine some light on this topic and assist developers in the North Gulf Region to better understand the baby boomer phenomenon and the best ways to address this new challenge in senior housing developments, we have developed this publication The New Generation of Senior-Inclusive Developments on the North Gulf Coast

In the publication, we talk about how baby boomers are influencing the way senior-friendly communities are designed, why it is so important for development organizations in the North Gulf Coast region to tap into this surging market, and how they should prepare for this boomer population.

You will learn about:

  •  The boomer boom!
  • Attracting the baby boomers’ attention
  • It is all about lifestyle choices
  • Senior-friendly mixed-use developments
  • Development trends to watch for
  • Making the most of your rooftops


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