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The Value of Productivity in Your Retail Development Project


From a very generalized point of view, one of the key goals of high-performance design is to bring well-being and comfort to the people who are inside of that space. In improving the quality of the space, a developer adds value to the overall structure in the form of perceived quality by various brand publics. This has the added benefit of enhancing the development organization’s brand by channeling a positive message through their relevant brand channels - in this case, the building itself.

So how exactly does high-performance design affect all of these different brand publics in retail development projects? In this article, we will discuss how each of them is affected by your design and construction choices, what the benefits are for each of them, and how high-performance development benefits you in both the long and short run.

This is the third article in our ongoing series about high-performance commercial development projects. In this series, we will cover such topics as: the components and benefits of high-performance design, the effects that high-performance design has on your development organization, and the effects that it has on the final product. If you have found this article of use, you may like to take a look at the rest of the series.

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Starting with the group of people who will be spending the most time in the building, the employees are an integral group to satisfy. If the employees of the retailer are unhappy, then the retailer is unhappy. Likewise, if the employees are happy with the space, they will be more excited to come to work and more productive while at work.

Employee satisfaction has a direct tie to how well the retailer does financially. There are very few cases where a business can remain profitable with a low customer satisfaction rate, so incorporating amenities such as increased natural lighting, good air flow, and open spaces are sure to affect the future property owner positively.

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The customer

In a contrasting way to the employee, the customer will most likely spend less time at the establishment - but it goes without saying that they are a vital component of the business. At the end of the day, without customers, a business fails. Having a space that is an actual pleasure to come into will undoubtedly increase customer satisfaction, and their desire to spend time shopping there, which in turn helps the retailer significantly.

The retailer

Just to reiterate the last point, the business thrives when the employees and customers are happy. This means that in the eyes of the purchasing party, the building has an added value for its capabilities to nurture a positive and productive work environment in comparison to structures that do not have the same amenities and features.

The neighborhood

As one final bonus, creating a structure that compliments its environment means that those who live and spend time in the area around the site are satisfied. If the neighborhood is happy, this reflects really well on the development organization’s brand, and as a result increases the visibility and project opportunities on the developer’s side.

In short, despite the higher initial investment, high-performance design makes everyone involved with a retail development project happy.


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